A 45-year history of success
FundX Investment Group has helped investors build and preserve wealth through comprehensive money management services since 1969. Since 1976, FundX has published the critically acclaimed, technical monthly newsletter NoLoad FundX, which rates and monitors mutual fund and exchange traded fund (ETF) performance. Many investment professionals consider NoLoad FundX an indispensable investment tool.

Woman-owned and -led firm
Janet Brown serves as president of the firm and has been with the company for more than 30 years.  Within that time, she has been instrumental in establishing the firm’s investment policy and strategy. A team of five long-tenured professional portfolio managers serve as the investment committee and work closely with clients to provide personal and individualized services.  All of our key people have a stake in the firm’s long-running success.

An unconventional investment approach
We think outside the “style box” –and group equity funds by risk level, not by type. We use both actively managed funds and passively managed index funds and ETFs, and we rank these funds on their near-term performance, not long-term results.

We don’t favor particular fund managers; instead, we let returns speak for themselves. We don’t attempt to time the market. We also don’t buy-and-hold or have fixed allocations to a particular market cap, region or style. Our Upgrading approach is a purely quantitative method that allows us to exploit “persistence of performance” in funds.