Our unique Upgrading strategy has helped clients build wealth, generate income and meet lifelong investment goals since 1969.

Upgrading uses mutual funds and ETFs to follow market leadership. It keeps us invested in the best performing mutual funds – whatever the current market conditions – and allows us to capitalize on global opportunities. It replaces forecasting with an objective process that has been proven over many years and through many different market environments.

We believe portfolios must adapt – because markets CHANGE.

We use Upgrading to manage different kinds of portfolios, such as:

  • Equity -  Active, strategic portfolios with a wide spectrum of risk
  • Fixed Income – Dynamic “Flexible Income” strategy to seize opportunities while managing risk
  • Long/Short Hedged – Lower-risk long/short and multi strategy hedged portfolios
  • Sustainable & Responsible – Sustainable & Responsible (SRI) portfolios for socially conscious investors